ASG w/ Evening Shadows, Chase Johanson

FRIDAY – Chase took the stage with rock heroes, ASG, during a spectacular musical evening. The club was filled early and feet began to move at the first notes. Chase Johanson played a set of original music including two unreleased songs, sewed together with a rendition of Nirvana’s cover of, “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” written by the late, great Lead Belly. New to the scene, Evening Shadows, also performed a set of high energy music. Catch ASG on their international tour:

Chase Johanson – Cancer (Live)

The ravages of cancer have touched too many of my family members friends…even one is too many. Today is National Cancer day. It is my deepest wish that the scenario depicted in this heart-wrenching cover become a thing of the past in 2019.


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Chase Johanson

Chase announced the newest from Odd Magic Studios: a new record in a collaboration with Loud Music Company, Tidal Drumworks, Derek Lane, the May family and engineer, Wes Easterly. The project comes after Chase released 2 singles in 2019 following the success of Second Things First (2018). Stay up to date.

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Rock n’ Roll

Chase Johanson plays in a local band, TROPHIC, a rock band that shreds at the beach…. friends recently posted this video:



Live cover of Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machines
Live at Jimmy's - Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina