Chase Johanson is in good company. Could be something in the water, or perhaps just happenstance but his friends, many of whom he’s performed with, are doing great things in entertainment….


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Amy who became an instant internet sensation via Vine, can boast millions of views on her You Tube dance videos, appeared backstage on Dancing with the Stars,  has an upcoming movie role, and too many other appearances to list here. She also sang on Chase’s second album, aptly entitled Chasing Amy. Chase wrote the track “Move Your Feet” specifically with Amy in mind, and the duet is one of his most popular downloads. (Click on the music tab for a sampling).

 Paper Morning


Lead by Brent Skoda, Paper Morning recently recorded in Chicago and is included on 30th Century Records Compilation album, which released in December on iTunes. The band’s genre is described as Indie Rock, Blues Psychedelic and Progressive. Chase opened for the band recently at the Bevy in Birdtown in Lakewood, Ohio



Chase’s engineer and producer, Wes Easterly, is best known for his former lead role in the succesful punk band, McCafferty. Even through their recent controversy, Chase still remains close with many former members of the band. Chase and Wes were born one day apart and grew up together along with Bassist, Chris Joecken. The group spent weeks, months and years experimenting and learning to play music together before venturing off on their own paths. Chris and Wes also released a project in late 2018 under the name, Sister Sandy, which has been well-recieved.

 Ricky Manning

Did you know Ricky Manning, who was a fan favorite on season 7 The Voice for several weeks, was one of Chase’s closest friends before Ricky moved to Florida. The singer/songwriter’s latest  coo was wining theASCAP Harold Adamson Workshop with a song he co-wrote called “Used to be Something.”