NEW SINGLE “NEVER FADE” RELEASE Feat. Brother Ellis Johanson
NEW SINGLE “NEVER FADE” RELEASE Feat. Brother Ellis Johanson

NEW SINGLE “NEVER FADE” RELEASE Feat. Brother Ellis Johanson

Brothers to Release Latest Single “Never Fade” with a Video Nod to Hometown Medina

Wilmington, North Carolina – December 12, 2019 – Former Medina resident, Chase Johanson has teamed with his younger brother and Medina High School senior, Ellis Johanson to record the single “Never Fade” available for download December 27th. To pre-empt the release, the two shot and produced a music video premiering today on YouTube, using their picturesque hometown of Medina, Ohio as a backdrop. Almost Ten different locations, some easy to discern for those familiar with Medina’s charm, flash though the video as the duet collaborate on the original song. The locations were within a mile of the historic square and include Lake Medina, the Community Gardens, and The Foundry warehouse.
The organic production stemmed from an impromptu drive through the city with the brother selecting locations as they came upon them, rather than scripting the filming.
“I wanted to start making visuals to go with my music,” said Chase Johanson. “This is the second music video I have released and I plan on releasing more. With anything, the best place to start is where you’re comfortable.”

The elder Johanson is a singer/songwriter and audio engineer, based out of Wilmington, North Carolina where the track for “Never Fade” was recorded at Big Rude Studio. He is also a Breedlove Artist with Guitar Manufacturer, Breedlove Guitars of Bend, Oregon. This latest collaboration with his brother features rhythmic guitar carried through a soulful intro then jumps to a catchy, energetic bridge before slowing in an emotional finish.

“Never Fade” like all Johanson’s original work, will be available on all online music markets, and is the second in a series of two self-produced singles set for 2019, following the success of his EP, Second Things First released early last year.

The product of originally written music and lyrics, recorded with close friends and industry contacts, Johanson’s sound is ever evolving. In June of 2014, the singer/songwriter invited dancer and actress Amymarie, also from Medina, to be a featured artist on his EP Chasing Amy – EP; “Move Your Feet,” their rhythmic duet inspired by Amy’s viral dance clips, has become one of his top downloads, and the EP kicked off Johanson’s recording career.

In addition to creating artwork and album photography, Johanson is a true indie artist, managing his recordings and performing most instruments on his tracks. He began his live career in Wilmington when he was tapped to play drums with The River Combo led by Grammy-nominated producer, Eric Brace. The younger Johanson, who performed with his brother on an earlier track called “Trees,” will be joining his brother in Wilmington for some performances this summer, is a member of Medina Encore and will attend university following graduation in May.

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