Acoustic Album Set to Release Fall 2017
Acoustic Album Set to Release Fall 2017

Acoustic Album Set to Release Fall 2017

CHASE JOHANSONSince 2013, Chase Johanson has been releasing independent music that has reached thousands of listeners. From projects with internet sensation Amymarie Gaertner, to touring the East Coast of the United States with his band TROPHIC; Chase continues to learn and achieve new heights with each new work of art.

After three albums:

Aug 2013
Chasing Amy – EP
Dec 2014
Aug 2016

Chase has decided to write and record an all acoustic album that follows the experiences and feelings that have haunted him throughout his musical journey. This Fall 2017, he will be releasing 6 new tracks along with 2 re-recorded works that far exceed anything he has released yet.

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Chase Johanson, Category: Artist, Albums: Second Things First, Singles: Take Me Back, Old Man, Top Tracks: Old Man, Jupiter, Rooftops (Live), Pour, Better Days, Biography: “Very Powerful.

Contact Chase Johanson: | 330-421-1243 | Wilmington, NC

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