Dear Fans, Friends, Family…..
Dear Fans, Friends, Family…..

Dear Fans, Friends, Family…..

Fans, Friends, Family:
    It’s been 17 months since I’ve released new material, but it is about a month away!!! This August I will release my latest project, ‘Middle Ages’…….
First I wanted to thank all of you for your continued support. Without the motivation I find in everyone of you, I would not be able to create. I have been practicing, recording and most importantly, playing shows non stop.
    Music has been fascinating to me since before I can even remember. I think one of the biggest reasons I find it so interesting is its ability to make you feel. Something is magical about manipulating sound waves to trigger emotion. With this next project, I hope to do just that; bring out some emotion thats been bottled away.
    ‘Middle Ages’ has 8 songs full of color and fusion. I worked to incorporate multiple genres into one… my own. Music is an endless process and I get better each day.
 I’ll leave this short so you can get back to your busy lives…. STAY TUNED!!!!!


In the meantime: CHASEJOHANSON.COM

Middle Ages | Chase Johanson | JULY 2016

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